I am super excited. I can barely sleep and I’m not doing a very good job of taking care of my day to day business. I’m leaving in 3 days to spend 2 weeks in London studying at the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court Palace. I am apparently enrolled in a Jacobean Crewel class to start with. It’s been a bit hard to pry details or much information at all really out of the folks I’ve been emailing/calling to get enrolled. In spite of this, I am hoping to complete both their Certification and then Diploma programs. (provided I have a positive and rewarding experience this first time)

Wish me luck!!

6 months

Yesterday marked 6 months since my brother died.


Buster and Ray.


I love that Ray has a photo of Buster Keaton hanging in his apartment.


Ray is one of my favorite characters on television right now.


From: Girls


Viven Leigh


Deutsch lernen

I took a trip over the weekend to Florence, Italy. I really can’t walk too much yet because of the bone spur, but it was my 16th wedding anniversary and my husband couldn’t be with me, so I took myself away to celebrate. I decided to take my stitching with me so any time I felt like a needed a rest I could get some work done. On the way back to Berlin, I got the airport early and sat down at the gate area and pulled out my stitching. Mind you, I was in Italy so it was surprising when the woman sitting next to me starting speaking with me in German. And, happily, I understood her and spoke back, I asked her if she spoke English at all, and she said, no, sorry… but, we sat and chatted about sewing and the work I was doing as if it was nothing at all… in German! This was a very satisfying and rewarding moment for me.


I’ve started on a new project that I’m sooo excited about! Photos will come soon!!!!


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